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Personal Accountability


Dear Friends:

Some months ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Steve Reinemund, former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo. His insight into personal accountability speaks to one of the keys of leading from within. Steve told the story about when his boss at the Marriott Corporation, asked him to attend some “media training.”

“As I turned the corner to go into the building where the training was to be held, there were three obnoxious reporters who put their microphones in my face and began asking questions. They were obviously not real reporters, but part of the media training. After they exposed themselves for who they really were, we went inside and I had to watch the painful film of how poorly I reacted. I try to keep that visual image of being prepared in my mind, not for reporters per se, but being prepared in life. When we turn that corner and something happens that we are not expecting, how are we going to react? On what basis would I make decisions – moral decisions, power decisions – when confronted with the unexpected? What is true north in those situations?”


Steve is definitely the kind of person who has made and continues to make an impact. We can learn much from his insight so I am offering exclusive access to my full interview with Steve to current and new subscribers of my newsletter who purchase a hard back copy of Impact, Great Leadership Changes Everything between February 9th and 15th.

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Dr. Tim Irwin