Dr. Tim Irwin



Do You Want To Make An Impact With Your Life?


Dear Friends:

When I speak to groups, I often ask, “How many of you want to make an impact with your life?” It’s unusual to not get a 100% “yes” response. We all long for significance and want our lives to count for more than fighting gridlocked freeways…we want to sense that we live for a lasting purpose.

The key to a great legacy is a strong core. Just about every article I see on physical exercise addresses the need to develop a strong core. Of course, when I speak of core, I’m referring to our metaphysical core—the person inside us, who thinks, feels, speaks, believes and self-authors opinions. The development of our core in this sense requires even more discipline than our physical core.

How do we strengthen our core? Take the free assessment on my website: www.drtimirwin.com. There are a number of recommendations for strengthening your core contained in the results you’ll receive. Chapter 15 of my new book, Impact, called “Pilates for the Leader—How to Further Strengthen Our Core” also speaks to this topic.

Our core determines more than anything our ability to make an impact. An ancient king, known for his wisdom, said (paraphrased), “Guard your core because more than anything, it determines the course of your life.”

Thank you for putting Impact on the New York Times Best Seller list a week ago this past Sunday.  I’m deeply grateful for your support of the new book.